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Join Airkit’s Developer Advocate experts for a series of introductory and advanced training courses that can expand opportunities and help grow your career. Sign up for an upcoming training session to get started.

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Who Should Attend Flight School?
Flight School is open to anyone who wants to learn an exciting new skill that will only become more valuable as low-code development continues to gain momentum.
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Business /Operations Background
If you don’t have a traditional developer background, but you’re familiar with Excel functionality, you can still use Airkit! Join an Intro session to see how you can leverage our quick-start templates to build and manipulate customer-facing apps without code.
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Technical /Developer Background
Our Training and Certification Program is geared toward those with a technical CS or developer background. For the fastest ramp to building apps from scratch, it’s ideal if you are familiar with web development and general Comp Sci principles, React, JavaScript, HTML, and/or CSS.
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Airkit Admins & Developers
Already an Airkit Builder? Our Training and Certification Program was made for you! Join us for a refresher session on Airkit basics, or expand your knowledge with more advanced topics and earn certification badges along the way.

Airkit Flight School Training & Certification Curriculum

Our program offers courses from basic app-building to advanced scenarios like Airscript coding, APIs & Integrations, and Bots. Complete the 101 and 102 curriculum to get your first certification badge and unlock more advanced topics.

New to Airkit


  • Platform Orientation
  • Guided Tour
  • Templates Overview


  • Build App
  • Object Creation
  • Styling
  • App Preview


  • Reusable Templates
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Publishing


  • Periodic Task
  • Airkit Embeds
  • Advanced Connections
  • Advanced Theming
  • Custom Controls
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Become an Airkit Builder

Complete the Airkit Flight School curriculum, then take our certification quizzes and exams to earn your badges along the way.

Basic Builder

Deployed First App

Complete our 101 and 102 sessions, then pass our Basic Builder Quiz to earn this badge.

Basic Builders will be able to use templates to build and deploy basic apps.

Certified Builder

Multiple Apps Deployed

Complete our 201-203 sessions, then pass our Certified Builder Quiz to earn this badge.

Certified Builders will be able to independently build end-to-end apps from scratch.

Advanced Builder

APIs & Integrations

Complete our Advanced Course, then pass our comprehensive exam to earn this badge.

Advanced Builders will be certified on advanced topics like Periodic Tasks, Custom Controls, and Airkit Embeds.

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