Digital CX to onboard customers faster

Eliminate complex paper processes with digitization. Trigger a digital onboarding experience from your system of records. Use self‑service to capture customer information.

  • 50% higher completion rates
  • 3x faster time to revenue with fully automated, touchless experience
  • 0% NIGO with reflexive, digital forms and omnichannel service

SkipTheDishes Digitizes Restaurant Onboarding

Customer Story

Canada’s most popular food delivery app automated its restaurant onboarding process to meet unprecedented demand during the pandemic.

  • 2x number of restaurants onboarded per month
  • Accelerated onboarding by 3x
  • 80% of customer onboarding completed in touchless manner

How It Works

Automated Enrollment

Paper Form Digitization

Before Airkit


After Airkit


Before Airkit


After Airkit


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