Digital Deflection

Digital CX to lower your cost to serve

Deflect high call volume to digital self‑service to speed up resolution times. Transform a $10 call into ¢10. Save on headcount. Increase customer satisfaction.

  • 40% reduced cost to serve
  • 2x call center efficiency
  • 30-50% call deflection to self-service

Turo uses digital self-service to drive agent efficiency

The world’s largest car sharing marketplace built a call deflection to digital self‑service app to automate late car returns and accelerate resolution times.

  • 13% increase in CSAT for late return requests
  • Decreased agent AHT by 42%
  • Integration with Zendesk

Your customers won’t wait on hold

Sending routine, high-volume requests to your call center is costly and inefficient. On average, customers wait 5-10 minutes on hold for customer support. Customers value fast resolution more than speaking to an agent.


of customers will leave a brand they love after one bad experience


of service requests is checking order or claim status – easy switch to self-service

Deploy digital self-service

Manage call volumes with self‑service digital journeys for common requests (e.g., account updates, service changes, beneficiary updates). IVR deflection to self‑service decreases agent AHT while increasing CSAT from faster resolution times.

Components commonly used

  • IVR flow
  • Built-in TCPA compliance + mobile opt-in
  • Digital form
  • Chat bot
  • Omnichannel notifications
  • API integrations with core systems

How it works

Before Airkit

After Airkit

Business value

Our customers achieve on average 40% annual cost savings with digital deflection. Assess your cost to serve, call volume, and call handling times to see opportunities for digital self‑service.

Use cases across all industries


First notice of loss (FNOL)

Self-service beneficiary changes

Policy transaction status

Financial services

Agent-triggered digital intake for new account

Self-service for account changes, vacation notices, freeze requests

Loan status

Energy & utilities

Emergency service request (e.g., report outage or incident)

Field service scheduling

Billing questions

eCommerce & retail

Where is my order? (WISMO)

Delivery scheduling

Subscription management (e.g., update credit card)


Claims status

Agent-triggered PCI-compliant digital payments

Claims payment status

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