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Airkit Overview

Create personalized digital experiences to drive effortless customer engagements across any channel – web, mobile, voice, or chat. Airkit is a single platform to automate digital CX. With Airkit, enterprises increase team productivity, app quality, and time to market by accelerating the development lifecycle for consumer apps.

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How it works


Connect to anything with an API

No more setup headaches. No vendor lock‑in. We extend your existing investments by connecting your systems to your customers.

  • Pre-built integrations
  • Custom API endpoints with just a few clicks
  • Experiences triggered from system activity (e.g., new CRM object created)
  • Data operations to collect, use, transform, and remit data

Build faster with components purpose-built for CX

Use templates and preconfigured elements pre‑built for web, mobile, and voice. Snap together apps in minutes.

  • 100 + reusable components
  • Customization flexibility with custom controls
  • TypeAhead to quickly locate variables
  • Automatic Variable Creation that binds UI components

Reusable components & templates


Design personalized cross-channel journeys

Define how a journey is triggered, nudges to engage customers, and key customer interactions. Create sophisticated data flows to manage and transform data.

  • Channel swapping while preserving session state
  • Transform and query JSON in any app
  • Smart, reflexive forms that personalize questions based on user input
  • Airkit's Airscript software can be used to easily manipulate data across customer journeys

Debug to test & preview apps

Preview your digital experiences on every channel with a built‑in app debugger. Resolve software errors on the fly.

  • Version management
  • UAT on all devices
  • Development profiles
  • Built-in data validation (e.g., correct input format entered)

Deploy with 1-click

  • Multi-environments (Dev, QA, Prod) with different profiles and resources (e.g., URLs, phone numbers, API tokens)
  • Embeds into your web, mobile, or chat flows
  • Analytics and reporting to measure and improve engagement
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Future-proof for security and scale



End user authentication

We authenticate customers by natively integrating with SAML, OAuth, API tokens (JWT), or any custom sign-on you already use.


Versioning and multi-environments

Break things without fear with built-in versioning, staging, and rollback with multiple environments (Dev, QA, Prod). 


Custom roles and permissions

Control access to objects (apps, portals, datastores), features (start customer journey), and environments by user role. 

Audit logs and monitoring operations
Trace who’s doing what at a point-in-time for reporting and compliance. Connect to monitoring tools (e.g., Splunk) to manage operations.
Data encryption and key management
Data is encrypted at rest and in-flight, including data passed between Airkit and third-party applications via API calls.
Compliance and data governance
Built-in TCPA, SOC2, GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA certifications. Isolate data based on your customer’s region to meet data residency requirements.

The Airkit difference

Uninterrupted, omnichannel journeys
Orchestrate digital experiences that preserve session state across all channels for an uninterrupted digital experience – down to a keystroke.
Easy customization for on‑brand interactions
Create once and deploy everywhere your own visual and voice styling across mobile, web, chat, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). All white-labeled using your own web URLs, Twilio handles, and more.
Fully managed, cloud‑native builds
Eliminate manual infrastructure setup, maintenance, and management. Airkit’s global cloud-based platform is always up-to-date and available close to your customers to increase efficiencies.

Loved by developers and IT leaders


The Airkit platform has reduced the time curve in app development. Without a doubt, it is a super powerful tool. It allows integrations very quickly and flexibility to easily define flows and business logic.”

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Wally TrejoVoice Engineer

Airkit fit into our environment easily, without impacting our developers’ workload. The solution accelerated app development without the need to modify our existing call center.

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John PendletonFounder & CTO

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